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Learn how to promote your business

Located between the Pacific and Andes, Chile is nature on a colossal scale, with amazing biodiversity and vibrant cities that offer spectacular landscapes you will never forget. This long and narrow sliver of land will make you think Chile has an impossible shape, yet it will never cease to astonish you with everything that may be found on these beautiful lands. If you have a business aimed to promote tourism in Chile, you should use the most recent technology and gain countless customers effortlessly, through marketing automation.

Attract customers in a timely manner

Marketing automation is one of the latest technologies utilized to promote any type of business. With the help of certain tactics and software, your company will buy and sell like bigger companies – such as Amazon. Useful and highly personalized content will be sent to prospects via email, direct mail, telemarketing or other advertising campaigns so that your revenues will be significantly increased with reduced efforts. In case you want to promote tourism in Chile and attract more tourists to this impressive country, adopting automation techniques and retargeting from retargeting.biz will support you to accomplish your goals.

Numerous companies streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows with this technology. Because you can analyze customer interactions and behaviours, you will be able to segment and target the right message to your prospects. Exceptional marketing can help you connect a stronger relationship with your customers, who will get products and services tailored to their preferences, thus becoming eager to receive news from you.

Sales alignment and marketing will be improved, which will lead to the enhancement of your revenues. However, you will require a comprehensive strategy to integrate the right processes, content, people, data and many others. Small, mid-sized and large enterprises will get to appreciate this technology once they learn how to promote their business. Both business to business and business to consumer industries can benefit of these services, regardless if they are in healthcare, tourism, manufacture, retail, financial services or other fields.

Tourism in Chile should develop properly, especially if you consider that it has an amazing biodiversity, with countless species of plants and animals you will not find elsewhere. Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine, Teleferico over Santiago, Laguna Verde, Termas de Puyuhuapi, San Rafael Glacier, Valparaiso and paragliding in Iquique are only some of the things you should not miss in Chile. But there are numerous places to see and things you must do in this country that has to be promoted properly.

If you want to adopt a new strategy to grow your business and increase your revenues, retargeting and attracting new clients with marketing automation will definitely help you achieve what you want. You will receive customized business plans that will increase the efficiency and reduce the time and efforts you will put into your business. Social media, search and referrals will inform you about what your prospects want and you will acquire the best strategy to sell them exactly what they want. Adopt the latest technology, learn how to promote your business make sure you will reach your highest goals!


Aumenta interés de colegios por aprender sobre cambio climático

Durante los talleres desarrollados por el Centro Huillín de Educación Ambiental, los alumnos obtienen valiosa información sobre cómo se produce el calentamiento global gracias a una modalidad dinámica que privilegia la participación...


Almacén de la Biodiversidad inicia ciclo de Talleres de Artesanía

Con el propósito de hacer visible los diversos oficios de los que sustentan la artesanía chilota, el Almacén de la Biodiversidad, inicia un ciclo de Talleres de Artesanía donde se darán a conocer técnicas de tejido a telar, cestería y madera...


Intensos días de Feria y Festival

Una vez más el Parque Municipal se lleno de fiesta, colores, olores y sabores chilotes
en los días de Feria de la Biodiversidad y Festival Costumbrista, siendo visitado por miles de turistas e isleños.


Bosque Modelo Chiloé presente en encuentro de juventud indígena internacional

Con el objetivo de establecer conexiones entre la juventud indígena de Canadá con la de Guatemala y Chile, el Atlantic Council for International Cooperation (ACIC), organizó el Primer Proyecto de Video del First Voices, que empezó el 17 del presente mes y culmina hoy. En esta actividad, Bosque Modelo Chiloé no quiso estar ausente y apoyó la participación de la joven chilota Soledad Millán Millán, quien reúne los requisitos solicitados por la organización y desempeña labores en la institución.

En el encuentro que se realiza en Halifax, Canadá, Soledad Millán tuvo la oportunidad de realizar su propio documental junto a los otros participantes.

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